Want to kick ALS out of the world with us?

At Tour du ALS you, together with hundreds of other cyclists, runners, walkers and ALS patients, undertake a great sporting achievement, the climb of Mont Ventoux. With the aim of raising as much money as possible in the fight against ALS. The 11th edition of Tour de ALS is scheduled at Thursday, June 8, 2023. You can choose to participate as a team or individually. 

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Participate in Tour du ALS as a patient 

During Tour du ALS, hundreds of participants climb Mont Ventoux together with ALS patients. Recent years, more than 100 patients have participated in Tour du ALS. A unique and unforgettable experience for a lifetime that you share with family and friends. 

 We encourage patients to participate in Tour du ALS with their own team or to be present as a supporter. Of course, patients do not have to pay a registration fee for their participation in Tour du ALS. We also provide the necessary support to patients in the run-up to and during Tour du ALS. 

Are you an ALS patient and are you considering participating in Tour du ALS? 

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Target amount: 1500 euros 

Are you participating in Tour du ALS? Then you contribute into eliminating the deadly nerve / muscle disease ALS. You do this by collecting donation money. We ask all participants to raise a minimum of €1500* for the fight against ALS. The amount symbolizes the 1500 ALS patients in the Netherlands. After your registration you will receive a personal campaign page, sponsor tips and promotional materials, so that you will certainly reach the target amount. 

*Scale: if you participate in Tour du ALS for the 2nd time, the target amount is € 1,000. For the 3rd time or more this is €500. But you’re always welcome to collect more money! 


Registration fee: 130 euros 

The entry fee is €130 1 person each. The entry fee pays for the Tour du ALS outfit that each participant receives. The facilities during Tour du ALS are also paid for with the registration fee of participants, such as road closures, first aid posts, sanitary facilities and guidance of participants on the mountain. Thanks to this contribution and the support of sponsors, the proceeds from Tour du ALS can benefit the goal: scientific research into the cause and treatment of ALS. 


If you sign up for Tour du ALS, you will get…

The most important thing that Tour du ALS offers you is an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to make a special contribution to get rid of ALS! You will also receive:

The most important thing that Tour du ALS offers you is an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to make a special contribution to the fight against ALS! You can also count on: 

… a life-changing experience 

… a warm Tour du ALS family 

… a beautiful Tour du ALS outfit worth €100,- 

 … your own action page where you can tell your story and raise money 

 ... useful fundraising tools to easily collect money, such as your own QR code 

 … an invitation to the participants' meeting, so that you can prepare yourself to be in perfect shape when participating in Tour du ALS 

... options to have your bike transported to France 

… a starter pack including a water bottle, energy bars and sporty gadgets that you receive in France 

… access to Village du Départ, the Tour du ALS village in France, where you can visit for information and lots of fun 

 … professional care before, during and after the climb from the Red Cross team and physiotherapists 

… a spectacular final party with live performances at Village du Depart 

 … the opportunity to participate in climbing clinics, in preparation for Tour du ALS 

Please note: you arrange the journey and transport to France and accommodation yourself. 

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Tour du ALS takes place in the South of France. The start and finish take place in the village of Malaucene, at the foot of Mont Ventoux. It is an estimated 12-hour drive from Utrecht. Of course it is also possible to reach the destination by train (to Avignon station and from there by rental car or taxi to Malaucene) or by plane. 

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Are you looking for an accommodation near Mont Ventoux? On the Kale Berg website you will find an overview of nice hotels, apartments and campsites. 

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Do you have another question? View our FAQ about Tour du ALS or send an e-mail to info@tourduals.nl.