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How can people support my participation in Tour du ALS?
Can I still register for Tour du ALS?
I would like to register as a participant for the Tour du ALS, how does that work?
Is it possible to participate in the Tour du ALS as a team?
Is it possible to participate in the Tour du ALS as a runner or walker?
Are there promotional materials available?
Do you have any accommodation advise near Mont Ventoux?
How can I contact the Tour du ALS organization?
I would like to make a donation to Tour du ALS?
Can I donate free of taxes to Tour du ALS?
I would like to help a participant/team reach the target amount, how does this work?
I cannot complete my gift via iDEAL and/or it has not arrived?
Until when am I able to receive donations to reach my target amount?
Is it allowed to place your own sponsors (companies and/or individuals) on the Tour du ALS kit?
Can I receive proof of my donation when I support a participant/team as a business?
How are the counter readings on this website calculated?
I have registered as a member of a team, how do I see this reflected on my page?
What is the registration fee for participation in Tour du ALS, and what target amount should I bring?
What if I am unable to raise the $1,500 target?
What are the prices for the additional clothing to be ordered?
Do I register as an individual or as a team?
What advise is given for hikers?
How and when can I get my kit?
Are there supply stations on route?
How do I find Tour du ALS on Strava?
Can supporters use the shuttle buses?
Is there a bad weather alternative?
What does the Hikers package consist of?
Are the arm and leg pieces in the T-shirt colors?
Can I park at the top?
May your supporters travel to one of the hotspots with their own transport?
When does the volunteers registration open?
Can you also go up on the city bike with electric support?
Can you go up on 1 battery? If so, what are the minimum requirements for the battery?
How long does it take approximately on the (electric) bicycle?
Can you charge the battery on the go?