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During the Tour du ALS campaign, we share the stories of ALS patients and engage in conversations with participants. The more people we get involved in the fight against ALS, the more we can do for patients and their loved ones. 


News updates

Help us help by drawing attention to ALS in your own environment and social media. Read and share our news updates, because only together can we kick ALS out of the world! 

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Promotional materials

We developed various campaign materials for participants, sponsors and other stakeholders that can be used to bring Tour du ALS into the attention of as many people as possible. For example, various online banners for social media. 

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In the media 

Every year local, regional and national media pay attention to Tour du ALS. The most beautiful reports are the interviews with participants of Tour du ALS. 

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Personal stories 

Suzan Harmsen, volunteer from the very start, blogs about the ups and downs of Tour du ALS. In 2021, Suzan will also be writing again and will report on the hundreds of participants who achieved a great sporting performance in the fight against ALS. 

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