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On Thursday, June 8, 2023, the 11th edition of Tour du ALS will take place and many hundreds of people will climb Mont Ventoux in France while cycling, running and walking. Together with ALS patients, they take on this sporting challenge to raise as much money as possible for the fight against the deadly muscle disease ALS. Registration for the 11th edition is open. 

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Looking back at the 10th edition Tour du ALS 

Mont Ventoux was conquered for the tenth time on Thursday 9 June for the fight against ALS. More than 760 participants have started and have done everything they can to kick ALS out of the world. The result is over 1.6 million euros for research into the cause and treatment of the deadly nerve/muscle disease ALS. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a fantastic anniversary edition of Tour du ALS! 


Why do we organize Tour du ALS? 

The Netherlands has about 1500 ALS patients. At this time, no patient survives the diagnosis. The need for more intensive scientific research into the cause and treatment of ALS must be given top priority. Money is needed for this life-saving research, a lot of money. With Tour du ALS we raise money for research into ALS. 

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What does ALS mean? 

ALS is one of the most serious and debilitating diseases of the whole body. The exact cause of ALS is not yet known. Nor are there any drugs that can stop or cure the disease. patients have an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years after the first sign of symptoms. 

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What will the proceeds be spent on? 

Recent years over 10 million euros have been collected during the Tour du ALS for the fight against ALS. The proceeds of Tour du ALS benefit scientific research into the cause and treatment of the deadly nerve/muscle disease ALS and the alternative diseases PSMA and PLS. This is badly needed because the average life expectancy of a patient is 3-5 years. A medicine has not yet been found. Part of the proceeds also go to improving the quality of care and life of current ALS patients and their loved ones. 

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Money is needed to make Tour du ALS possible. We do not use donation money for this, but money that is released from the registration costs of participants and gifts from companies, foundations and agencies. Every euro in the fight against ALS counts. That is why we are open to new sponsors and we are happy to create a tailor-made package for your company. Would you like to become a sponsor or friend of Tour du ALS? Then contact us! 

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