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Thursday the 13th of june 2024 the 12th edition of Tour du ALS takes place and hundreds of people will climb the Mont Ventoux jogging, cycling or running, Accompanied by Patients of the disease ALS they will take on this active challenge to raise as much money for the battle against ALS.
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Why do we organise the Tour du ALS?

The Netherlands counts about 1500 ALS patients. At this time, no patient survives the diagnosis. The need for more intensive scientific research into the cause and treatment of ALS must be given top priority. Money is needed for this life-saving research, a lot of money. With Tour du ALS we raise money for ALS research. Tour du ALS was created in 2011 as a cycling tour for a closed group and has already had 11 successful editions

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What is ALS?

ALS stands as one of the most severe and debilitating disorders of the nervous system. The precise cause of the ALS disease remains unknown. Furthermore, there are currently no medicine to cure the illness. Patients typically face an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years from the onset of initial symptoms.

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What will the proceeds be spent on?

In previous years of Tour du ALS almost 12 million euro has been raised for the battle against ALS.
All raised funds will go to the research into ALS with the goal to find an treatment for ALS and the related diseases as PMSA and PLS. This is crucial, as the average life expectancy of a patient is 3-5 years. A remedy has yet to be uncovered. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes towards enhancing the quality of care and life for current ALS patients and their loved ones.

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To organize the Tour du ALS a lot of money is needed. None of the donation funds are used for this, only money raised with the registration fees from participants, and contributions from companies, foundations and organizations. 

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