Promotion materials

The more people we get involved in the fight against the deadly muscle disease ALS, the more we can do for patients and their loved ones. It is therefore important to inform as many people as possible about ALS during the Tour du ALS campaign and to convince them to support them.

Campaign materials

To help you with this, we have developed various campaign materials that you can use to bring your participation in Tour du ALS to the attention of as many people as possible, for example via social media.

Tip: keep an eye on this page, as we will deliver more campaign materials as the campaign progresses and make them available for download, such as social media banners, posters, flyers and a signature banner.



Logo Tour du ALS 

Stickers Tour du ALS


Poster 'May we have your receipt?'
Many supermarkets offer the possibility to give up deposit receipts for a good cause.To reinforce this promotion, we have made a poster that you can use for this! It will be online soon!

Download de Tour du ALS statiegeldposter


Posters and flyers can also be ordered inexpensively through the official Tour du ALS webshop. You can also order unique Tour du ALS kits, badges, stickers, collection boxes and other promotional materials in the webshop.

Take a look at our Tour du ALS webshop!