Every year approximately 200 volunteers volunteer for Tour du ALS.
They contribute to, among other things, the organization and promotion of this crazy sports event in France. We are very grateful to them! Because it is exactly thanks to the efforts and involvement of these volunteers that Tour du ALS has been such a success for years.

Smaller organization

Due to the corona pandemic, we have had to move the 9th edition of Tour du ALS to Saturday, September 11, 2021. We are not the only ones to climb Mont Ventoux this day, the participants of the Belgian Sporta Mon Ventoux will also take on this sport challenge. format.

We have therefore decided to collaborate with Sporta Mon Ventoux, with the great advantage that we still have a date to allow Tour du ALS to take place and can also significantly reduce our production costs. However, this collaboration also means that our own Tour du ALS volunteer team will be a lot smaller.

In September we travel to France with a group of only 25 to 40 volunteers.This group of volunteers consists of the team leaders themselves supplemented with a few specifically required disciplines who have been approached for this.
Previously it was possible to register as a volunteer, but unfortunately that does not apply this year. There will also be no organized volunteer climb the day prior to Tour du ALS.

If you still want to participate and climb Mont Ventoux with other volunteers, you can register with the Tour du ALS volunteer team.



Your effort counts!

We are very sorry that the team is smaller this year, but we still hope that everyone is committed to the fight against ALS. For example, by participating in Tour du ALS yourself or by starting a fundraising campaign from home.. 

Become a member of the Tour du ALS volunteer team!!

Are you not contributing as a volunteer to the organization of Tour du ALS this year, but do you want to contribute to the fight against ALS in a different way? Then you can of course also register yourself as a participant. Take up the challenge together with other former volunteers and join the Tour du ALS volunteer team!

This way you can still go up the mountain together and you contribute to the fight against ALS.


I sign up for the Volunteer Team

Participate from home

Are you not coming to France with us this year? Then you can still commit to the ALS Netherlands Foundation. How? Just from the comfort of your own home.

Share our social media messages with your friends or create an action page yourself at www.alsacties.nl/campagne/tourduals with which you can raise money for the fight against ALS.

For example, contribute by making items from home and selling them online, such as cards, masks, bandanas and knits. Even better ofcourse if these items are delivered entirely in Tour du ALS style. Or organize an online event, such as an online bingo or a living room quiz and ask for a small contribution to participate.

Enough ways to still contribute to the fight against ALS!


Start a campaign!