Tips & Tricks

The goal of Tour du ALS is to raise as much money as possible. But fundraising is not everyone's second nature. Even the most seasoned fundraisers get stuck. So we give you a hand.

This is how you achieve your target amount

  • Work on your campaign page
  • Start close: two friends and three family members (after 5 donations more will follow anyway)
  • You will see a Tikkie logo on your page: share it via Whatsapp and you can donate immediately
  • Create a personal video to convince people to donate
  • Use all your social media platforms
  • Share your progress and nice donations on social media: this often leads to new donations!
  • Also encourage your donors to share their donation
  • Thank your donors personally and keep them informed of your commitment
  • Use our promotional materials

View the promotional materials!


Learn from the best ALS fundraisers

Guido Mols about his target amount of € 5,000 at Toer for ALS:

“Only money can be used to research ALS. And only through research will hopefully one day be a solution for this rotten disease. " His advice to boost your fundraising: “Literally tell everyone you meet what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will see how many people are interested and willing to support you.

Anouk about her participation in Toer for ALS:

Anouk ran a marathon during Toer for ALS, spread over four weeks. She has had her kilometers sponsored by over 160 people and has doubled her target amount of 3 thousand euros. Her advice to other participants: “Make your story personal. Share your story, share your pain. Then we get a little more understanding and more people are familiar with this terrible disease. By opening up like this you also get wonderful responses and many donations.

Approach companies to sponsor you:

Don't forget to also approach companies to sponsor you. Your employer, a good customer, a great supplier. Ask the company you work for to support you by promoting your participation on social media. Place a campaign banner at the bottom of your email with a link to your campaign page. Thank your sponsors on LinkedIn and write about it on Intranet and in the internal newsletter.

Involve your donors in the final sprint!

Experience shows that most of the donation is made in the last week of your campaign. Make good use of your final sprint and ask your donors for help. Because they will also want you to reach your target amount. The day of the climb is also a good time to go for your record profit in the fight against ALS!