Tips & Tricks

The ultimate goal of Tour du ALS is to raise as much money possible for the research into ALS. But raising money does not come natural to everyone. Even for the most experienced fundraisers, sometimes things get tough. But no worries, we are here to help.

This is how to raise money for the battle against ALS

Read the fundraising tips below 

  • Start with your inner circle: request a donation from two friends and three relatives to get familiar with the feeling of fundraising.
  • You will see a Tikkie logo on your page: share it via Whatsapp and make it more accessible for people to donate
  • Make a personal video to convince people to donate
  • Use all your social media platforms and share your story on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Ask local entrepreneurs to sponsor you! Read below how you can do this
  • Organize a sponsor campaign in your own neighborhood to raise money. Below you will find the steps on how to do this
  • Share your progress and kind donations on social media: this will inspire people to donate as well.
  • Encourage your donors to share their donation as well on their socials.
  • Thank your donors personally and keep them informed of your efforts
  • Take advantage of our promotional materials (coming soon), by sharing them online or printing them

Contact Local Entrepreneurs

Approach local entrepreneurs with your request to sponsor you at Tour du ALS. In return you can offer them to print their logo on your sportsoutfit. How to go about this? Think about organizing a network event like for example a spring lunch. Also optional is starting a Phone campaign or delivering flyers throughout the area. Best to consider targeting are Gyms, bike shops or supermarkets. 

Organize a sponsors dinner or benefit. 

Throughout the whole country many events are organized by participants, volunteers and other parties of interest to raise money in the battle against ALS. Activities varying from sponsored dinner parties, networkevents, neighborhood barbeques to selling homemade cookies or bracelets.

Not only are they fun ways to spend time, also they bring in extra money for your fundraisers.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you!


  1. Consider which group of people you would like to target. Do you want to organize for friends, family and colleagues or would you consider to organize something a little bigger where you can invite people outside of your own circle to as well?
  2. Also optional is to join events that already are taking place, to promote your participation in Tour du ALS. Events such as a network event from your work or a family party make great events to share more information about your participation. For example organise a pubquiz, give a speech or place collection boxes.
  3. Find the right location but don’t overthink it. Events for colleagues could take place at the office or in a local restaurant. Neighbourevents could take place in your own street.
  4. Set the date, make a guestlist and nice invitation
  5. Send the invitation to your contacts. If it’s a public event, promote it on social media as well and also consider asking the local newspaper if they can cover your event for a good cause
  6. Start preparing your event, order Tour du ALS marketing materials for decorations and don’t forget to cater with some nice beverages. Perhaps local restaurants would like to help you with this.
  7. Enjoy the event!

Learn from the best fundraisers

 Guido Mols about reaching his target amount of €5000,- for Toer voor ALS:

“Only money is helpfull in the research of ALS. And only through research hopefully one day a solution to this rotten disease can be found.” His advice to boost your fundraising: “Tell literally everyone you meet what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will see how many people are interested and want to support you.” 

Anouk about participating in Toer voor ALS:

Anouk ran a marathon during Toer voor ALS, spread over four weeks. She got her kilometers sponsored by more than 160 people and doubled her target amount of 3,000 euros. Her advice to other participants: “Make your story personal. Share your story, share your pain. Then we will get a little more understanding and more people will be familiar with this terrible disease. By opening up in this way, you also get wonderful reactions in return and many donations.”

Approach companies to sponsor you:

Don't forget to request companies to sponsor you. Your employer, a good customer, a great supplier. Ask the company you work for to support you by highlighting your participation on social media. Place a campaign banner at the bottom of your email with a link to your action page. Thank your sponsors on LinkedIn and write about it on the Intranet and in the companies newsletter.

Involve your donors in the final sprint!

Previous events show that most donations are made in the last week of your campaign. So put your final sprint to good use and ask your donors for help. Because they will also want you to reach your target amount. The actual Tour du ALS day is also a good time to go for your record sum in the fight against ALS!