Martin Schophuizen

Time Is Ticking...... Only Together We Can Beat ALS

( Electrische fiets 1x De Kale Berg (Malaucène - TOP) | Member of team: Team Garmin )

As you know, you cannot donate to every good cause.

So would it be a really bad idea to donate the next time to this "battle against ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).".

This would be appreciated by all the ALS patients that will come, because for the current patients, the cure will be to late.

I will climb the Mont Ventoux by (duo)bike, together with my wife, who has ALS. My wife in the front, I on the back of the duo-bike and I will bring her up to the top. Donating will motivate me to get this journey done.

Helping and supporting is very appreciated.


Kind regards,



Activity: Electrische fiets 1x De Kale Berg (Malaucène - TOP)


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Tour du ALS is the largest event organized by the ALS Netherlands Foundation. Under the slogan “Get on your feet to beat ALS” , hundreds of cyclists, runners and hikers climb the Mont Ventoux together with ALS patients. All participants, volunteers, patients, donors and attendees contribute in the steps towards finding the cause of ALS and ultimately a medicine.